Paper Voices

Documentary Film, Feature Film



Long lenght documentary (80´)


Screenwriter & director:

Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren


Production Companies:

ETB, Euskaltel, Fascina



Premiere at the 64 San Sebastián Internacional Film Festival   – Zinemira

Best documentary film at the festival in Barcelona.



August 19, 1937. Totalitarianism advances inexorably. Banished in Santander, the Lehendakari Aguirre calls the musician Gabriel Olaizola to entrust him with a mission: “We have lost the war, but it is our duty to continue fighting from art.” In this context was born Eresoinka, the largest interdisciplinary group of Basque art, made up of exiles, that conquered Paris as well as the best European stages, conveying a message of peace. Where does the strength of art lie? Why can it be a weapon for combat?

Inazita Olaizola and Margaritte Trueba, survivors of this epic episode, evoke the adventure of Eresoinka. This is the melody of the documentary. The accompaniments come from the hand of Marga Berra, Ione Miren Agirre and Pablo Ibarluzea, young basque artists linked to Paris who, through their artistic disciplines, illustrate common aspects to the story of Eresoinka where movement becomes a representation of life itself.