The Declensions

Documentary Film, Short Film

The Declensions (Original Title: Nor Nori Nork)



Short Film – Hybrid Documentary -Fiction. (17´)


Script, direction and editing:

Estibaliz Urresola Solaguren


Festivals and Awards:

Best Basque Short film KCD International Film Festival de CINE INVISIBLE 2020.

Special Jury Award  BABEL International Film Festival (Sardinya 2019)

Oficial Section ALCANCES 2018.

Oficial Section LEKEITIO Zine eta Bideo Bilera 2018.



Basque TV ETB.

International Distribution by: VIDEOPLUGGER.



One of the most ancient lenguages of Europe, the Euskara Batua (Unified Euskara) becomes today more unifying than ever before.Five pre-teens from different cultures know themselves and help each other through the basque declensions.


“The declensions” is a short film about intercultural relationships, sharing, and above all, about friendship, where the different declension forms of the old Basque language become representative of the different ways of relating shared by a group of young girls.